Dat VU is a Vietnamese photo artist born in Saigon in 1991. He studied overseas in Singapore and the US for about 10 years before returning to Vietnam in 2016. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree with High Honors in Art Studio from Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT, USA) in 2015. In his work, he is strongly concerned with the idea of representation, intervention and performance. Having grown up in many different places, from Saigon to Singapore to Connecticut, he relies on photography to explore, to become familiar with each new environment, and to form his identity beyond cultural and national borders.

He develops his visual language with an inclination towards spatial forms, physical gestures, human behaviors and relationships. Through the medium, he grapples with the contexts and concepts that define himself: gender, race and politics. In turn, his photographic practice evolves, going from straight documentary to decontextualization and deconstruction. He seeks new visual vocabularies while maintaining an understanding of the symbols and their nuanced meanings.

He constantly thinks about reality in photography, how everyone is oftentimes more fascinated by an obvious fact photographs may represent, rather than their possibilities. He wants to push his practice in a direction that engages with the audience about social norms, about fabricating a photographic reality. In doing this, he looks forward to combining photography with other media, such as installation, performance art and video.

Vũ Tiến Đạt từng học tập tại Singapour và Mỹ trong suốt 10 năm và trở về Việt Nam vào năm 2016.

Các sáng tác nghệ thuật của anh khai thác các ý tưởng của tính biểu thị, của sự tác động và vận hành thông qua những vùng địa lý, lịch sử và chính trị khác nhau, Anh phát triển ngôn từ của hình ảnh xoay quanh các nghiên cứu về không gian và cử chỉ của cơ thể, cách cư xử và mối quan hệ giữa con người. Đồng thời, anh cũng tiến hành phối hợp nhiều phương thức khác cùng với nhiếp ảnh như nghệ thuật sắp đặt, biểu diễn và video.

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2017   Materialize Exhibition Grant - The Factory Contemporary Arts Center, HCM, Vietnam

2016   Mortimer Hays-Brandeis Traveling Fellowship

2014   Visualizing the Environment Grant - Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

2010   Travel Photography Scholarship, World Nomads & National Geographic, Bhutan

2008   Photo Clinic, Canon, South Island, New Zealand


2018  ‘round The Exit Line, Tributary Projects, Canberra, Australia

2017  Muted Conversations, The Factory Contemporary Arts Center, Saigon, Vietnam

2015  Glass Closet, Secret Egg, Zilkha Gallery, CT, USA


2018  ICI Vietnam Festival, FOYER VIETNAM, Paris, France

2018  Les villes invisibles, l’Etoile, Paris and Metaxu, Toulon, France

2016  Constructions of Disquiet, Golden West Community Art Gallery, CA, USA

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